Let’s run away: packing for a girl’s weekend

February is always a special month for me – it’s my birthday month! This year I’ll be turning 27 (on 27 February haha) and will mark the start of a big year for me. It’s also a special day as I share this birthday with one of my best friends and fellow shoe princesses. This year we’ll be flying to Singapore with another one of our best friends for a whirlwind girl’s weekend!


I love going away for the weekend with the girls – because it’s such a short time there’s no need to plan anything, you simply go with the flow and spontaneity rules.


However there is one thing you do need to plan to ensure your girl’s weekend is perfect and that’s what to pack.

This is what I’ll be packing in my carry-on for our Singapore birthday weekend:

  • Summer flats:


Singapore is a walking city. It’s so small so you can get everywhere by taking public transport and walking everywhere. It’s also famously humid so I always pack open toed summer flats to get around in. You can buy these comfy yet trendy sandals from www.heelsteal.com.au.

  • Blotting sheets:sasa-blotting-paper

The humidity is something I’ll never get used to and one of the things I hate most about it is how oily it makes my skin. Oily skin is something most Asians suffer from so it’s no surprise that you can buy blotting sheets from almost any pharmacy or cosmetics store. I love buying them from Sasa as they stock a great range from Korea and Japan. I love these ones as they’re small and smell pretty!

  • Good quality camera:


There’s a reason why Singapore continues to top the list of best holiday destinations, it’s a beautiful combination of tradition, history and modernity and there are so many pretty things to see. Make sure you pack a good quality camera whether it’s a hand held digital or a DSLR as you don’t want to come back with blurry images that are under or overexposed.

  • Mattifying oil-free moisturiser:


Combat the oily skin with an effective mattifying oil-free moisturiser. This one by Murad Skincare is fantastic – it keeps skin matte for hours whilst keeping it supple. If you struggle to find an ideal moisturiser for your skin I highly recommend popping into a pharmacy or one of the many skincare shops in Singapore as they will have formulas developed especially for their climate.

  • Pretty and functional party dress:

kate-spade-dressSingapore turns it on at night with so many cafes, restaurants and bars opening up their doors. There are so many places to go so it’s worth bringing one ‘going-out’ dress that will last you the night. Find a dress that has a classic cut and isn’t too short so you can fit in at any place, and make sure it has pockets so you can store any little things you pick up such as business cards or phone numbers! I love this dress by Kate Spade Saturday – it’s colourful, fun and flattering for all body shapes.

  • An empty stomach:

The most important thing to bring! Throw caution (and your diet) to the wind and indulge in a culinary and epicurean experience. It is a truth universally acknowledged that eating is every Singaporean’s favourite past time, with many hawker stalls opening into the wee hours of the night and sometimes morning. How to choose where to eat in such a small space of time?! I recommend the app ‘8 Days Eat‘ which is a local guide to all the best restaurants, cafes and bars in Singapore. It has ratings by locals including local celebrities so you know you can’t go wrong.

What do you pack in your carry-on for a weekend away? Share your favourite products!

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