This charmed life: Buddha is in the details

There’s a common disease that strikes the heart of every traveller to South East Asia. It’s not gastro, or one of those 24-hour bugs or dehydration. It’s temple fever, also known as temple fatigue. If you’ve ever been to any country in South East Asia, you know what I’m talking about.

Vientiane, and Laos in general, is filled with temples. Each neighbourhood has it’s own temple. I thought I’d get sick of seeing them and would never want to visit one while I was here but then I realised there’s a difference between being a visitor and being a local.

When you live in a place, you start to notice small things about the temples around you – how peaceful they are amongst the hubbub of life, how their gates never seem to close (except for the more touristy ones) and the beautiful chanting that comes from there during the day.

This post is dedicated to appreciating those details – I hope you enjoy browsing the photos as much as I enjoyed snapping them!

Patuxay (Victory Gate):


Ceiling at Patuxay

Spire at Patuxay

Wat Sisaket:




Unknown wat, Rue Setthathirath


Wat Simuang







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