What I’ll be wearing this winter (if I didn’t live in the Pilbara)

I’m heading to Melbourne next weekend and I’m pretty excited. Partly because I’ll get to see my friends who shared the same volunteer experience with me in Laos, but mostly because WINTER FASHION!

Growing up in the Pilbara (north-west of Australia for those unfamiliar with Aussie geography), I never experienced a true winter. I’m not exaggerating. Unless cold evenings count, which they don’t. I’m not complaining though, the ‘winter’ season here is just gorgeous – spring-like sunny days; the most mindblowing sunsets; and no flies.

It does mean my winter fashion repertoire is slightly lacking, and the only winter things I own multiples of are scarves and boots. So I love it when I get the opportunity to experience a real winter somewhere and dress up in sweaters, coats, boots and scarves.

Here are some of my favourite winter looks that I’ll be hopefully rocking in Melbourne! 

The grey coat

I love grey coats. I don’t know why but I think they look so chic and just go with everything. If it were appropriate, I would have a grey coat in every style. Swoon.

Belted scarf

This is one of those transitional looks that work day/night, summer/winter – whatever tickles your fancy. This is also a great way to add colour to a boring outfit, cover any unwanted cleavage or peeking bra and accentuate the waist.

Colourful printed scarves

I have so many colourful and printed scarves, it’s kinda ridiculous for someone who lives in a hot climate. They’re the ultimate accessory; the French love them, and I love all things French so therefore I love scarves.


Layering is actually hard to get right; more often than not you end up looking like you’ve gained a couple of kilos without even trying. My favourite type of layering is a white collared blouse under a grey sweater. It doesn’t have to be a grey sweater, but I really like grey tones for winter.

Bright skirts

I love wearing skirts and with all the grey I’ll be wearing, bright, print skirts will help add some colour and a pop of fun to my outfits.

Oversized sweaters

The best way to hide muffin top and a jiggly belly, this is one of my favourite winter styles. It’s just so casual chic and there are so many stylish sweaters available now, you can find one to suit your personality.

Fur coat 

Eurrrgghh, my absolute weakness. I love fur coats (faux, of course). I have two, which again is ridiculous for a girl from the Pilbara. But they’re so beautiful! They’re such a luxury statement piece and go with any outfit.

Black ankle boots

It goes without saying, this is a staple piece in every winter closet. What I love most about them is how versatile they are and the great number of styles and textures they come in. They look so good with everything, and tbh you can wear them in any season, because they look brilliant.

Bold lips

I love wearing strong lip colours, and winter is all about the bold brows and bold lips! I’ve rediscovered all my lipsticks and picked out a a few favourites to bring, from berry hues to wine red and orchid-esque purples.

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