Things I’m totally digging right now

As you can tell from this title, today’s post is dedicated to all the things I’m loving lately. If you follow my Instagram account (@whatnurwore), you would have seen that I went on a bit of a crazy online shopping splurge and just gave my money away in return for pretty things.

I’m heading on a short break in a couple of weeks which is exciting because that means…. more pretty things and more things to review on What Nur Wore! In the mean time, let’s make do with the list below. Share your thoughts in the comment box if you’ve tried any of these, and also to recommend new things for me to try!

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

Photo: Mecca Cosmetics

OMG I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this palette! I used it as soon as I got it and I love all the shades. It’s beyond versatile and this has a won a spot in my ‘things I will use everyday’ list. Like all UD eyeshadows, if you want it to last all day you will need a primer but even if you don’t have one, it’s ok, it’ll still last the distance but with bit of wear and tear. Get it at Mecca Cosmetics for $90.

Ren Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water

Photo: ASOS

Another micellar water product, I couldn’t resist (I freaking love the stuff ok?!). I have absolute no regrets buying this! Coming in at a bit more than your average micellar water ($26 on Asos), it’s quite luxurious. It has a very light rose fragrance and cleans every last bit of dirt from your face, without stripping it of its natural oils. This is perfect for lazy girls, and I use it as a toner after cleansing. I would definitely buy this again.

Rimmel Extra 3D Lash

Photo: Rimmel London

Still on my quest for a good mascara, I came across the Rimmel Extra 3D Lash which promised to give me volume, definition and length – all the things a girl wants in a mascara. Rimmel has a good reputation for producing quality products at affordable prices, and this mascara didn’t disappoint. If I had to compare it to a high-end product it would be Tarte’s Light Camera Lashes mascara. They both have a very similar brush (the spiky plastic type) with a flattish end for coating the product and a comb for getting rid of clumps. Even the formula is pretty similar although I’d give extra points to Tarte for longevity – the Rimmel ended up smudging by lunch time which was annoying, as I rarely touch up during the day (ain’t no one got time for that). Overall, I’d definitely recommend it though I would add a final coat of a waterproof mascara to keep it going throughout the day.

Tocca Brigitte EDP

Photo: Mecca Cosmetics

I finally settled on a new perfume and decided to go for something a bit fruity and floral as we’re coming into summer. I’d never smelt Brigitte before so it was a bit of a gamble but the description of “…this seductive scent fuses notes of ginger, rhubarb, papaya, rose, iris, saffron, sandalwood and musk” was enough to suck me in. It doesn’t smell too bad – not something I would normally pick, as it’s kind of sharp and reminds me of mosquito repellent (is that bad?) but once it settles on my skin, it’s quite intoxicating and unique. If you like something a bit different I would recommend this – it would also go down well layered with something with a bit of a vanilla/caramel base note just to take the edge off.

Tocca Simone EDP

Photo: Mecca Cosmetics

A new one released by Tocca, I got this as a free sample with my Mecca order. Described as a “… sparkling summer scent is evocative of days spent lazing on Sydney’s Bondi Beach”, it really is what it says. It’s the perfect Aussie summer scent with a “…concoction of apple, watermelon, lemon, calypsone, ylang-ylang, rose petals, freesia, lactones, blonde woods, musk, amber and nirvanolide”. I am so buying this and wearing it all summer, and even in the winter because it smells so damn delicious.

Rexona Clinical Protection anti-perspirant deodorant

Not really an online purchase, I’ve been using this for a few months and I love it! I’ve never been a fan of spray-on deodorants and liquid roll-ons never appealed to me, so when I tried this one I knew I was onto a winner. This really does make you sweat-proof and with the Pilbara temps soaring to the 40s, it’s just what I need. You don’t need a lot which is great because it will last you a while, and you don’t exactly get a lot in one stick. I’m on my third one so far and I am never going back to anything else.

Truffle Point Toe Mid Heel Boots in silver


I have been wanting a pair of silver boots for ages. I’ve got a pair in most colours and textures (black leather, brown leather, blue suede, leopard print (suede and pony hair), gold fringe) so I just *needed* this to complete the collection. I bought these on Asos but I’m sure you could probably find this brand on other sites. I actually haven’t tried them yet (or even taken it out of its packaging) but who cares, because I love them already.

Palm leaft-print strappy off-shoulder dress from Kmart


In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that I was obsessed with palm prints. So of course, I had to buy a dress that had this gorgeous print! The only downside is that it’s off-the-shoulder, which I’m so not digging right now, but I’m willing to compromise because it’s the most adorable dress for summer. I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this, and for only $20 it is the best thing I’ve bought so far.

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