Skincare haul + review – April 2017

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Yes, it’s been a while since my last blog post – it’s been a bit of a crazy time with work, study (and not studying haha) plus a little getaway to Hobart and Melbourne (travel post coming soon!). However, happy to report I am back with some fabulous little posts lined up! 

I have been busy too doing some shopping for new products, and I will kick off my first set of reviews with a look at some of the skincare products I’ve bought and am currently using. If you’ve tried any of these products, leave your feedback below – I love to read other people’s reviews!

The Ordinary – Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%; Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

I first read about this brand in one of my beauty subscription newsletters and was intrigued – a skincare brand with products under $20 that was all about pure, honest-to-goodness skincare? I had to try! The brand and its products have had positive reviews, and I’m happy to say I will add to that list.

I use the Niacinamide solution during the AM, under my trusty LRP Effaclar Duo+, and it is brilliant. I wouldn’t recommend this for dry skin, as it really does mattify and could irritate normal, dry and sensitive skins. I don’t know if it fights blemishes that well, but it certainly stops it from getting worse.

For night time, I use the Lactic Acid solution – LOVE! I’ve only used it for a week, but I swear my skin texture has improved. Lactic acid is meant to exfoliate the skin, leaving it smoother and I don’t know if it’s solely the lactic acid, or a combination of that with using my cleansing brush again (didn’t really use it much on holidays, lazy I know) but my skin is much glowier (is that even a word?) and has better texture. If you have sensitive skin, I’d definitely check with a dermatologist before using this because even I had some weird tingling on first use. It does come in a lighter solution (5% lactic acid) so that might be good for those who haven’t used chemical serums before.

Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Sea Cucumber


Or as I like to refer it to, the sea cucumber mask. I picked this up in Sephora to use before my Inca sister’s wedding and I’ve heard about the wonders of sea cucumber so had to give it a try. Admittedly I’ve only worn it once, so my review may not be 100% scientifically accurate, but I have to say I was very impressed. I’ts a sheet mask and there’s a lot of solution in there so that gets points already, and I did notice my skin was brighter the next day and a wee bit smoother. I bought this in a pack of eight for $48 from Sephora, which is pretty good value for money as it is the same cost as what eight Sephora-brand masks would cost. Highly recommend.

Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser


It is a truth universally acknowledge that no female can walk past a Lush store without spending ten minutes walking in the store, smelling all the soaps, bathbombs and creams they have to offer. I am no different. Although I did actually go in with the purpose of finding a gentle cleanser to suit all skin types, and I found one (after smelling and touching everything first). To say it suits all skin types is a stretch – it’s more that it wouldn’t make any skin type react. It really is ultra bland as the label says – mainly made of honey, rose water and almond oil, and beeswax which is what I have a problem with.

Beeswax is listed as the third ingredient on the list, meaning it makes up a large part of the cleanser and if you’ve ever used anything with beeswax or paraffin as a main ingredient, you know it leaves a weird residue on your skin, even after washing off with warm water. I have horrendously oily skin (blessing in disguise I know) but anything like this just makes me feel gross. When I do use it, instead of cleansing off with water, I wipe it off with some micellar water (have been using Bioderma Sebium which I love) which gets it all off, but also I think negates any actual benefit from the almond oil and rose water. It might work better for drier skins, but for combination and oily skins, I’d say it’s a no-no.

The Body Shop – Shea nourishing body butter + Almond Milk and Honey soothing and restoring body lotion


I really got into The Body Shop in my late teens, and the Shea Body Butter was the first product I owned. I purchased it after reading in a magazine how it was used to make the supermodels skin glow and I thought, ‘how glamorous, I HAVE to have it!’. I don’t know if it made my skin glow, but I fell in love with it just the same and I’m so happy to have another tub with me. They make these in jumbo tubs  now which is just, you know, freaking wonderful.

webimages_1055512 almond milk and honey body lotion gold_pck_aox_inamhps041_m_l

I love The Body Shop – I love their products and range, I love what they stand for and I love Anita Roddick’s story. I’ve used a fair range of their products, and there aren’t many I would say I dislike. When I tried the almond milk and honey body lotion, it was to die for! The scent is amazingly comforting and the texture is perfect. I actually just put some on my legs and arms before starting this and I smell so divine. A must-try range.

L’oreal Pure Clay Mask – charcoal


In devastating news, my local Woolies has stopped stocking my fave facial mask, the Montagne Jeuneusse Dead Sea Mask. After many months of rationing my final tube, along comes this beauty, the new L’oreal Pure Clay Mask range *cue heavenly music*. I’m a big fan of L’oreal products so knew this had to be a winner – but how much of a winner? I bought the charcoal and red algae masks, but have only tried the charcoal one for now. I think it’s pretty bloody fabulous and has done a good job so far of keeping my skin clear and in great condition. It has a pleasant smell which makes me slightly suspicious as I’m not a fan of anything with too much fragrance, but it’s not an overwhelming smell so it passes the test. Overall, a gentle enough mask for all skin types and a good option for major skin rejuvenation.


    1. It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a super gentle wash then this is definitely that. But if you want something that really cleans your skin, then not worth it.

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