Beauty haul + review: the ‘it’s-been-a-while’ edition

Yiiikes! Can’t remember the last time I did one of these, though I do remember promising a massive haul for this one and I’m happy to say I delivered! To make it easier to read through, I’ve divided it into sections and you can easily jump to a section if you’re not interested in reading all of it. 

I haven’t included pictures of everything but I have linked most things so you can check it out properly. Don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed it and share some of your recent beauty faves as I’m always on the lookout for new things to try. 


The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

I’m a tad partial to a silicone primer, regardless of what people say about it. I love how it smooths your skin over but some do run the risk of being too silicone-y and leaving a horrible texture. This one gets the balance right and I cannot find fault with it. I think I’ve been using it for around three to four weeks now: flawless. 

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Is there anything that Francois Nars can’t do?! Another winner, this is perfect for covering pimples, discolouration and redness. Also great for dark circles, but I still prefer the Radiant Creamy for the under-eye area as this one doesn’t provide that same brightening effect. This is definitely a repeat, lifetime purchase.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer

Not so bowled over by this one. I got it in the shade ‘medium’ which was ok for my skin tone. Although it’s called a concealer, I’d lean more towards corrector – I personally wouldn’t use it on its own and the one time I did use it I found I had to go over it with my Nars Radiant Creamy concealer to get the colour tone right. I might have to give it another few whirls but first impressions weren’t that fab.

Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach blush

This is divine! I love opening this and applying it, purely for the scent! And in saying that, because of the scent I wouldn’t recommend it for highly sensitive skins. I can only imagine how much fragrance is in this! That aside, it really is a beautiful peachy-bronze shimmery blush. I convinced my friend Grace to buy one and she has a creamy complexion, and surprisingly it looked good on both of us (I have medium-brown skin tone, very similar to Indian colouring). It is very shimmery so it does highlight imperfections, but if you don’t care about that then I highly recommend this.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Exposed

I actually bought this thinking it was the highlighter and was a bit bummed. BUT I really do love this colour and it has become my everyday colour (sorry Lovejoy). I don’t know how to explain the colour – like a mauve-taupe? Really pretty, and does last all day! I am very keen on purchasing other colours in this range… calls for another trip to Sephora…

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Champagne Splits in Prosecco Pop/Pamplemousse


Again, bought the wrong product – meant to get the Prosecco Pop/Amaretto shade but I blame the Sephora staff/customers for putting the wrong tester in the wrong name! At first I was a bit put off by the colour of the blush as it’s a very bright, vivid pink but I tried it for the first time last weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looked. I think this is more suited to olive and darker skin tones; I don’t know how it would look on porcelain or pale skins – probably alright but not as natural. Super thrilled I was ahead of the game in getting Prosecco Pop – far more suited to my skin tone than Champagne Pop and there’s a reason why these Jaclyn Hill highlighters are a best seller: so, so, so pretty.

Maybelline Master Hi-Lighting Bronzer

So glad I bought this on sale because I do not like it at all, and would not recommend it for anybody! Far too orange, far too shimmery, not flattering for anyone.

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Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette

Just like the blush this has a gorgeous peach scent but I find it’s not as overwhelming. I personally love the colours and could get away with all of them, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Although it’s called Sweet Peach, there are probably only three shades in there that are actual peach colours (Georgia, Just Peachy and Candied Peach) – the rest are golds, bronze/brown, green and purples making it a versatile palette. I love Candied Peach and Just Peachy is like an eyeshadow version of Nars Orgasm really. Caramelised and Cobbler (shimmery browns) are my faves though.


Huda Beauty Textured Eyeshadow Palette Rose Gold edition

Legit cannot believe I spent $95 on an eyeshadow palette but I went into Sephora with a mission to say yes to everything and that’s how I ended up with this gorgeous palette. Just like the Sweet Peach palette, the colours aren’t for everyone but if you are a whiz at eye make-up, you’ll definitely love this. Very similar to the ABH Modern Renaissance and Sephora Pantone palette in Marsala. I used this with the UD eyeshadow primer on the weekend and it did not budge one bit,  even through an afternoon in the sun and a night of sweaty dancing. I’d have to try it again without primer to see what the quality is really like.

ModelCo Lash Extend mascara

Funny story behind this mascara – I went to work one day with mascara on one eye only and once I realised I raced to Woolies immediately and bought this one as it sounded the best option. Possibly one of my top five best emergency buys – this mascara is the bomb! Same concept as the Blinc mascaras (tube formula) but way better, this provides super long defined lashes that are sweat and waterproof. The only other mascara that tops this is my K-Palette mascara. Buy this now.

Estee Lauder Double Wear eye pencil in Coffee + MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy

I have been searching high and low, far and wide for the perfect brown eyeliner and can’t believe I’d never heard of these cult products. I was introduced to them by the make-up artist for my friend’s wedding and went to Myer the next day and bought these the next day. The Double Wear is my daily go-to, as the Teddy is a bit more softer and subtle and I prefer a darker lash line. Highly, highly recommend if you’re in the market for a higher-end eyeliner.

Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour mascara – waterproof

I bought this in an emergency in Hobart, as all the fake lashes I had gotten the few days before had all fallen out and I hadn’t packed mascara with me! I had heard how fabulous Bourjios mascaras were so thought I’d give this a try. Honestly? Not bad, but not amazing either. It says on the tube it gives ‘volume without clumps’ – I’d say you can have no clumps and no volume, or volume and clumps. I’d only ever use this as a last resort tbh.

$_3Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Mirace Romance liquid liner

I thought I needed a new eyeliner and why not go the whole hog and get a Sailor Moon liner! Alas, I didn’t need a new liner (I already had two unopen liquid liners…) but I so needed a Sailor Moon eyeliner, seriously I did. I haven’t used this yet but a quick swatch shows its on-par with my all-time K-Palette liner (not surprising as Creer Beaute is Japanese too). A cute, but not necessary product.

Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil

I bought this on a whim, and because it was $4 so who was I to say no to such a good bargain? I bought this in two shades as one seemed a grey-brown and one was a red-brown so thought I’d try both to see which was better. I’ve only tried the shade 03 which looked the grey-brown, and is not grey-brown but a true brown, if a little darker than I thought. It’s quite good quality and fairly smudge-proof, and I do like the spoolie it comes with. Tony Moly makes pretty good products and this one doesn’t disappoint.

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i-023246-lipstick-banned-red-1-378Nars Lipstick in Banned Red

Another emergency holiday buy. Yes, this seems to be a trend doesn’t it? I don’t pack well for holidays! In my defence, I thought I had packed a nude lippy so was horrified when all I had was a bright pink. Thankfully, I found this gorgeous colour which on my skintone is pretty nude, but I think on anything paler than a medium/olive tone, would be quite dark. I love it and is one of my daily lip colours.

Sportsgirl Pout About It lipstick in Pretty Please and MysticMystic

Sportsgirl is one of my all time fave high-street stores, and they make pretty good quality make-up at very affordable prices. I love their lipsticks and have one in Berrylicious, so was keen to get some more. Pretty Please is a gorgeous rosy pink, while Mystic is a true purple lipstick. They actually quite long-lasting, and have fantastic colour pay-off – highly recommended.

Sportsgirl Lip Chalk matte lip cream in Pretty Please

Yes, I really like this colour so thought I’d get it in the matte version too. Unfortunately this is WAY brighter than the lipstick and probably far too pink for me. I don’t mind fuschia, but not this shade of intense rosy girly pink. I think if layered with a deeper colour this would look great, but definitely not on it’s own (my personal preference anyway).

22049_xlargeKaty Perry x Covergirl Katy Kat Matte lipstick in Maroon Meow (or Miaou Grenat in French ooh lah lah)

This is the colour I would mix with the Sportsgirl matte lip cream. This lipstick on its own is a beautiful deep, burgundy that is the perfect colour for achieving a film noir look. Mixed with the Pretty Please shade, and it’s a great, sultry maroon you could wear during the day. Not very long- lasting so requires touch-ups during the day. Worth the money though.

Maybelline Colour Jolt in Talk Back Red

I love a good red lipstick and god knows I have enough to last me a lifetime. This is a beautiful, bright red that would suit most, if not all skin tones. It’s no secret Maybelline make great lip products and this lives up to the expectation. Fairly good wear, even more so with a lip liner. I received many compliments when I wore this so definitely get this if you’re after a show-stopper.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Gossip Gurl


This isn’t a colour I’d typically go for (dark, moody pink), however when I swatched it I loved it instantly! The product itself is excellent, non-drying and incredibly long-lasting. It’s in the higher-end of matte lipsticks and worth every single dollar. I’d definitely buy more of this and the colour range is to die for.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

This is a beauty blogger cult beauty product, and is frankly the only reason I bought it. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of Kat Von D’s products even though they’re much hyped and raved about but a part of me just wasn’t convinced that her products were actually any good. This liquid lipstick has slightly won me over – I’m not a total fan yet but I can see the appeal. This is a really good product, on par with the Huda Beauty matte lipstick and while the colour isn’t to my liking, I can see why others would like it.

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… and a little bit extra


Zoella Beauty Winking beauty bag

I love blogger collabs so was super excited to find out Zoella was releasing a line with Target. Overall, her product range isn’t as big as I thought but the products she does have are super cute. I fell in love with her winking make up bag which I honestly didn’t need, but it was too cute to not buy. It’s actually pretty practical, it’s a good travel size and I’ll definitely be using it on my next holiday.

Alaia Blanche EDP

I was recommended this by the expert perfume man at the St Cloud Perfumery in Hobart, after asking for a light everyday perfume. This is floral without being too sweet, and has enough undertone of musk to make it a wee bit sexy. It comes in a beautiful bottle which screams ‘fashun!’ and it’s fairly versatile that I would even buy it as a gift for someone.

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