How to be your own kind of Wonder Woman

I’ve always admired Wonder Woman – the concept of her, how she represented female empowerment and showed many generations of girls and women that females can kick ass as well as any man. I used to have a picture of Wonder Woman up on my wall at work (later replaced by Queen Lizzy) and when people questioned why I had WW pinned on the wall, I’d joke that she was my mother, such was my infinite belief that I could be just as great as her.

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On Friday night I watched the new Wonder Woman movie for the first time. I hadn’t read any detailed reviews, just glimpsed headlines of how it was an action movie starring a woman, directed by a woman (this is still cause for headlines in 2017?), and that it was the highest grossing DC action movie yet.

All lovely yes, but no headline really spoke about what this movie really meant for women; how in the midst of an anti-feminist movement this movie was just was modern culture needed to reinforce the fact that we all need strong female icons in our lives whose qualities weren’t defined by their sex appeal.

n fact, this movie succeeded where many female-led movies fail: it did not sexualise the character of Wonder Woman, with male characters making fleeting reference to her beauty but overall focused on her strength and courage.

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In honour of my new girl crush Gal Gadot and my unwavering belief that Wonder Woman is my spiritual mother, I want to show how you can be your own Wonder Woman without having to move to Themyscira. (In case you didn’t know. Gal Gadot was pregnant while filming this and did a lot of her own fight scenes so if that doesn’t convince you Wonder Woman is a character for the ages, I don’t know what will.)

Believe in something

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What struck me so forcefully about Wonder Woman was her undying belief that her duty in this world was to protect the innocent, and she believed in it so wholeheartedly that she thought nothing of entering the battlefield to save the defenceless. I think that without realising it, many of us don’t ever truly believe in something and are willing to stand by our convictions, no matter the risk.

We cannot have purpose in life unless we truly believe in something so find out what it is you really want to fight for, and do whatever it takes to fulfil your passion.

Question everything

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Wonder Woman never took anything at face value – she questioned everything that was told of her, and refused to accept ‘just because’ as an answer. I think this is such an important quality to have, to view everything critically and ask yourself why such things have to be the way they are. By questioning everything she was told, Wonder Woman learnt more about her environment, and of herself; so learn to become more critical and aware of the world around you.

See the good in everything and everyone

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When you’re pretty much the best warrior in the universe and are faced with war and destruction, it’s hard not become skeptical of life and the human race. Yet despite all the temptations around her, in the end Wonder Woman stayed true to herself and refused to see the bad in any person or situation. It can be hard to be nice to everyone and to give people benefit of the doubt, but it’s important to try and to see the positive side of everything because hate, anger and bitterness is a path that leads to pain and regret.

Don’t doubt yourself

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Not to say that you should be cocky and over-confident; rather, you should always back yourself because we each never cease to amaze ourselves. During the battle training scenes between Diana (Wonder Woman) and her aunt Antiope, the latter constantly yells at Diana to not doubt herself, being her biggest weakness. This is such an important lesson, especially for young girls who are constantly told what they can and can’t do which leads to self-doubt when faced with an unfamiliar situation.

We must teach our young girls (and young ladies/women) that we have to believe in our own abilities because this simple self-belief is enough to help us become better and achieve our goals.

Don’t forget who’s the boss

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You’re the boss, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What important lesson did you take away from Wonder Woman? Which other female characters have inspired you in your life? Share with me in the comments below!

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