My current skincare routine

An exciting thing happened in my town: a new Priceline store opened up! For those unfamiliar with Priceline, it’s the Australian version of Boots, Superdrug or QVC. The only reason I’m not 100% broke yet is because I don’t have access to any of these stores, or a Mecca Cosmetics and Sephora. But this really does mark the end of a steep decline!

However life does have a way of balancing things out. I’ve also starting undergoing Dermastamp skin treatments, meaning I’ve really started laying off the make-up and focusing more on skincare and doing the least amount of damage to it. I’ve completed two rounds now, and am seeing great improvements. I’ll post photos up on Instagram soon – make sure you follow me to see what I’m talking about: @whatnurwore.

To summarise Dermastamp, it’s a fairly intense treatment where the beauty therapist applies a roller with fine needles all over the affected area (for me, my entire face but it can be specific areas or other parts of your body) to help your skin produce collagen and speed up skin renewal and cell regeneration. It takes six weeks for your skin to fully produce collagen, before undergoing another round of treatment. For me, I decided to take this treatment to treat deep pitted acne scarring from many years ago, and I’m seeing some improvement.

Because your skin is basically in recovery mode between each treatment, I’ve taken my skincare routine quite seriously, trying to use gentle and natural products where possible. Admittedly I got quite lazy towards the end of the six weeks and would do a micellar cleanse instead of a proper cleanse, but I always try to take extra good care of my skin at all times.

Below is my routine and the list of products I use daily. Share with me your daily skincare routine and the products you think are worth the hype!


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Lush Ultra Bland Cleanser

Yes, I didn’t rate this too highly in a previous post but I have to eat some humble (and hopefully delicious) pie. This has been a saviour for my skin, as it’s a super gentle formula and actually leaves my skin glowing. I haven’t broken out at all while using it which is a nice surprise considering the oils in the product. I use a very hot muslin cloth to exfoliate the product on my skin and to take it all off. Because of the beeswax in the cleanser you do need to use hot cloth, or wipe off with a micellar cleanser. Twice a day, morning and night.

Image source:

Sukin Cream Cleanser

A cheaper option is this fantastic Australian brand. Completely natural and vegan, this is a wonderful option for those seeking a low-maintenance routine. It has nettle as an ingredient which I suspect is what gives your skin a bit of a ‘fresh’ feeling afterwards; regardless I highly recommend it especially if your skin is recovering from treatment or irritation.

Day cream

Image source:

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5

I love La Roche Posay, it’s no secret. This cream was a boon during the first week after the Dermastamp treatment. My skin was raw and healing and this cream provided the gentle moisture and repair it needed, without being overwhelming.


Essano Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser

This was something I had on my dresser, and I thought I’d just use it becaues it was the only moisturiser I had which was all natural and extra gentle. One of the wonderful results from my first Dermastamp treatment was my skin wasn’t that oily, which meant this cream worked wonderfully in restoring much needed moisture and elasticity during the first month post-treatment.

Image source:

Medik8 Retinoate Moisturiser

I have only started using this based on a recommendation from my beauty therapist. It is a supposed wonder cream, with retinol, vitamin A and hyaluronic acid to name a few key ingredients to help with boosting the regeneration of your skin. At a whopping $298, this actually does work! I have seen significant improvement in the first two weeks and I think I look better now than I did 18 months ago. Not sure if I’d purchase again (although Adore Beauty does have an Afterpay option!) though I would recommend it if you are looking for a super product to help with skin tone, texture and even signs of ageing. I use this day and night and a little goes a long way.

Night cream

Image source:

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

I’ve reviewed this before and I still love it as much as I did then. The perfect night cream especially when your skin is healing. I wake up glowing and looking like I nothing short of eight hours sleep.

Eye cream

Image source:

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream

Dark circles are my main eye concern. it’s a mix of hereditary and also not getting enough sleep (my fault, always up late watching Netflix!). This eye cream is amazing! I don’t know if it’s reduced my dark circles, but it does wonders in neutralising the purple-ness thanks to its peach pigment, and because it’s super moisturising it’s the perfect base under concealer. I love this and can’t imagine life without it!


Image source:

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres

Ok, so my lips didn’t get Dermastamped, but with the weather cooling down my lips are drying out. This is the lip version of the Cicaplast Baume and is great at soothing chapped lips. Not so great under lipstick as it doesn’t dry matte, but I love slathering my lips in it in the morning and before bed.

Image source:

Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

I reviewed this in a recent post, and I can’t believe they don’t sell this in every shop on the planet. This is perfect for parched lips and is the best base for lipliner and lipstick. I find I only need to use this in the morning under my lippie and my lips stay smooth the whole day. Because it’s a cream and not a balm, you only need to use the tiniest bit – any more and you’ll be stuck with extra product that has nowhere to go!


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