Instagram accounts to inspire: my top ten faves

Gosh it has been a while since I last did a blog post! It has been an incredibly busy couple of months, with so many events happening, sneaking in a quick getaway to the F1 in Singapore, and the start of a new semester of study has left me little time for anything else! 

I am being a bit naughty by skipping a night of study to do some blogging, but I feel it is justly deserved as my poor little blog has been bit neglected. However, it doesn’t mean I’ve been slack in this department – I’ve recently been focused on improving my Instagram game (follow me @whatnurwore), mainly to a) build What Nur Wore’s social media profile, and b) to do some trial-and-error learning for my own professional development.

This has led me to take more of an interest in other Instagram accounts that are both similar to mine, or that share the same interests. There are so, so many out there it’s sometimes hard to pick which are the good ones with great content. To help you out, I’ve listed my top ten Instagram accounts to follow to brighten your feed each day.

Design by Aikonik (@designbyaikonik)

design by aikonik

I just love her flatlays! I dream of creating flatlays like her, and by ‘her’ I mean Carissa Smart, the stylish guru behind this aesthetically pleasant Instagram account. If you need some inspiration for your flatlays, then look no further.

The Flower Run (@theflowerrun)

the flower run

This West Australian-based small business delivers the freshest bouquets which are curated daily. Not a new concept, but their Instagram account is lit. The layout of the photo is the same everday, which is why I guess I like it because unlike most accounts, the consistency is what makes it appealing. And the flowers! I’m devastated they only deliver to the Perth metropolitan area, however I’ll have my fingers crossed they expand their business in the coming years.

Hello May Magazine (@hellomaymagazine)

hello may magazine

Dreamy wedding pictures are never dull to look at, and Hello May has the best. Whether you’re getting married, happily married or not interested in marriage, you should still follow this account just for the photography, styling and fashion – divine.

Katherine Sabbath (@katherine_sabbath)

katherine sabbath

The school teacher turned cake extraordinaire is absolutely leading the Instagram pack when it comes to cake-porn. Her feed is filled with the most colourful, fantastical and imaginative cakes you’ll ever see, and the best part is she just released a pop-up cake book so you can enjoy her creations offline too!

designlovefest (@designlovefest)


I’ve been a fan of Bri Emery for years, following her growth on Facebook and Instagram. If there’s any one person’s creativity I’d love to emulate, it’s hers – there’s just so much soul and passion in her work, and throughout the years she has always managed to stay true to herself, which I value above all else.

Musée du Louvre (@museelouvre)

musee louvre

Yes I’ll admit, I love this partly due to my obsession with all things French, but their Instagram account is more than just artwork, the Musée du Louvre provide beautiful stories behind the artwork and if you’re learning French or English this is a great way to practice as their captions are in both French and English so you can try translate and see how you scrub up.

Beige Renegade (@beigerenegade)

beige renegade

I’ve been following this one for a few years and I love the simplicity of Jiawa Lu’s style, and also the crisp. clean feel of her images. I love following her travels too, which doesn’t really help with the horrible case of wanderlust I have.

Benedetto Demaio (@benedettodemaio)

benedetto demaio

Benedetto’s Instagram account is a turquoise-lover’s dream – his content revolves around the colour turquoise, coming up with gorgeous images and stories that make you want to pick up a paintbrush and start madly painting on a fresh piece of canvas. A great one to follow if you appreciate art and colour.

Von Haus Design Studio (@von_haus)

von haus

I might be a bit biased on this one, as I used to freelance for Fiona but her Instagram account is an interior design lover’s delight. Fiona loves using colour in her work, so if you’re over the whole Scandi trend then look to her account for some fresh finds and inspiration for your home. She also provides her services so if you love her work, hit her up to create a new look for your pad.

We are Greg and Kel (@gregnkel2017)

greg n kel

Ok, I’m COMPLETELY biased on this one because Greg and Kelly are my dear friends who decided to break off the shackles of corporate capitalism and cure their wanderlust and thirst for life by undertaking a road trip of Oz! Their Instagram account is just under a year old and follows their travels around Australia. Thanks to some fantastic equipment and a natural creative eye, their photos are super dreamy and showcase the best Australia has to offer. From sunset over Uluru, pristine beaches, serene rainforests, and gorges and waterfalls in the middle of nowhere, if this doesn’t convince you to explore Australia, then nothing else will.

Let me know what you think of these Instagram accounts, and share your faves with me as I’m always looking for new accounts to follow and be inspired by!


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