The complete 2018 list of books I will complete

A new year means new books to read! I got through a few books in 2017, not many which were on my list but all great reads – The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Game of Thrones (yes, finally and I watched all seven seasons in 2017 too), Outlander, The Dry and House Rules amongst many others. I also started reading some books and never got round to finishing, which is pretty typical of me (The Buffalo Funeral, My Brilliant Friend, A Little Life, I Am Malala).

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This year I am committed to finishing books that I start and getting through at least five on my list. A little investigation of my e-reader revealed that I have downloaded far more books than I am capable of ever reading, however I am determined to get through it all eventually. Here’s my list of books that I want to read this year (and no doubt new books will come out this year which may bump a few of these off the list!):

The Marrying of Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris

I love a good family drama novel and this is what The Marrying of Chani Kaufman promises to be. I’ve started reading a chapter or two already, and I’m in love with the prose of the novel – it’s honest and raw, and without pretence.

The Dangers of Truffle Hunting by Sunni Overund

The cover of this book is very similar to The Natural Way of Things which is what drew me to this book. However, it is very unlike The Natural Way of Things – The Dangers of Truffle Hunting is all about romance and danger, mixed in with my favourite thing: food. It’s received a lot of positive reviews so I’m very excited to dive in.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

In my defense, I actually got through a fair bit of the book, before I had to concede to the fact that I wasn’t as committed to finishing the book as I thought. It’s a long read and one that requires absolute concentration, you can’t just skim it and assume the story will come together. I’m hoping this time, now I know what to expect, I can focus on the story and commit to finding out how it ends!

My Name is Leon by Kit de Waal

Firstly, the name Kit de Waal is fabulous. Anyone with a name like that deserves to have it splashed across any type of cover. The summary of this story reminds me of Lost and Found by Brooke Davis, and like Lost and Found it has had very strong positive reviews, having won a prize and shortlisted for a couple more. This book is definitely one for lazy afternoons, by the poolside with a cheese platter on hand.

Persepolis by Marjan Satrapi

I finally found a second hand copy of this at the Co-op last year and started reading straight away. Since reading Maus I really wanted to read more graphic novels and this particular one struck a chord with me. I have a keen interest in modern Middle East politics and history and this book is touted as one of the must-reads to understanding the Iranian Revolution. I’m barely a quarter into the book (due to my inability to stick to one book at a time), so I’m determined to stick to this and finish it by the end of January. So far, it’s been incredibly insightful and is such a well-told story targeted for both teenagers and adults. Highly recommended.

To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin

Of course, I need to have one romance book on this list! I’m a sucker historical romantic dramas (ref: my obsession with Outlander), and this one is set in Paris with characters named Catriona and Émile – how can I say no?! This is definitely something I’m bringing with me to while away the time while in transit at airports, the perfect holiday distraction.

The Buffalo Funeral by Ange Takats

I saved the best for last! Before I left Laos in 2016, I met Ange who was undertaking the same volunteer assignment I had but in Luang Prabang. She blew my mind when she rattled off all her previous experience, including writing a book – my absolute dream! I got round to buying a copy of her book and am ashamed to admit I read some parts of her book, but not others. This year I’m actually going to read it cover to cover, in chapter order and I know it will be as poetical and wonderful as she is.

What’s on your book list of 2018? Let me know as I’m always looking for new books outside of my usual range.

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