Natural skincare – down-to-earth basics

The past year we’ve seen a huge number of trends in skincare, the most noticeable being a focus on particuar ingredients and their benefits such as charcoal, pink clay, coconut oil, argan oil and rosewater. What they all have in common is they are ingredients which are naturally sourced and are often marketed as appearing in its most natural form in our skincare products.

It’s fair to say natural-based skincare is the way forward, along with many other nature and health-based trends and I’m not complaining. I’m a huge fan of gentle skincare, especially skincare that uses as many natural and organic products as possible.

If you’re new to the natural skincare game, don’t let the variety of products available scare you! This is a list of my favourite natural skincare products:

Skin prep

Lush Ultrabland cleanser

Lush Ultra Bland cleanser

While this is technically a cleanser, I like to use this as a pre-cleanse product to get rid of all the makeup and dirt off my face. Lush is well known for their focus on using naturally-derived products and this doesn’t fail. Simply scoop a small piece and warm between your fingertips, then massage all over your face.

Muji Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil

Muji Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil

Muji is one of my all time favourite stores, capturing the essence of minimalism. Their skincare products are also simple and this cleansing oil is an absolute steal, at $19.95 for a 400ml bottle. While not 100% natural, it has a great ingredient list including olive oil, hybrid sunflower oil, orange flower water, apricot juice and peach leaf extract. It has no fragrance which is a bonus, and you only need one pump to get rid of all your make up.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

In addition to aiming to be as naturally-based as possible, their natural ingredients are ethically sourced which is a big plus. This cleansing butter is divine and is especially effective in getting rid of extremly water-proof mascara. A little goes a long way, though it is tempting to use an entire tin!


Sukin Cream Cleanser

Sukin Cream Cleanser

This is such a great little find – perfect for all skin types (even my oily skin), it’s gentle and still gives your skin a thorough clean. With ingredients like aloe leaf juice, sesame seed oil, rose hip oil, cocoa butter, shea butter (my fave!), jojoba seed oil and avocado oil (it’s an extensive list of ingredients), there’s no doubt that you are using a 100% quality product.

Swisse Sweet Almond Cream Cleanser

Sweet Almond Cream Cleanser

Swisse are famous for producing multi-vitamins, so when I saw they had a skincare line, I was curious to try. Their Sweet Almont Cream Cleanser has witch hazel and rice water, meaning it’s perfect for combination skins, and those with the dreaded combo of acne-prone and sensitive skin. It smells divine and is a dream to use. Other ingredients include cocoa butter, grapefruit seed extract and lemon peel oil.

Delarom Face Cleansing Gel

Delarom face cleansing gel

This French brand focuses on using essential oils and plant extracts in their products. I can’t find it in Australia (if anyone knows how to get it, please tell me!), but if you do happen to find it, I encourage you to try it, especially if you have decongested skin. Like all EU products, it’s developed under strict guidelines and doesn’t contain any of those nasty chemicals that irritate your skin. This cleanser has calendula, white nettle extract and jojoba beads.


La Roche Posay Serozinc


Not sure if this counts as a natural skincare brand, but this toner has only three ingredients: water, salt and zinc so it makes the list. I love, love, love this toner and recommend it to anyone and everyone who will listen. It’s even worked wonders in helping my nose piercing to heal.

Caudalie Grape Water

Caudalie Grape Water

It may sound like an excuse for putting wine on your face, but it really is just water from grapes. The ingredient list is grape water, grape juice and nitrogen. It’s a fantastic toner which gets every last bit of dirt of your face, and hydrates it just enough to prep it for moisturising.


Essano Rosehip Regenerating Moisturiser

Essano Rosehip Moisturiser

I love a good rose-based product and this moisturiser from New Zealand company Essano is beautiful. With ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, rosehip oil and vitamin E it’s all the good things in one simple pump bottle. It works as a great night cream too if your skin is on the oilier side.

Goodness Every Evening Cream

goodness every evening cream
Photo credit: Goodness Products

This smells so nice, I wouldn’t blame you if you wore this as your day cream too! Goodness is owned by New Zealand company Trilogy (no wonder Kiwis look so good!), who make an excellent rosehip oil focused skincare range. This cream has ingredients filled with goodness (see what I did there!) such as chia seed oil, avocoado oil, coconut oil, shea butter and honeysuckle flower extract.


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

If I were stuck on a desert island, this is the one product I’d take with me. This is one of those products that really does do what it says on the lable – it brightens, rejuvenates and regenerates your skin. It is on the pricier scale but worth every dollar. A little goes a long way so this tiny bottle can last a while if used properly. Kiehl’s prides itself on using the best ingredients available, and this serum has it all: evening primrose oil, lavender essential oil and squalane.

Tarte Maracuja Oil

Tarte Maracuja Oil

This is a cult product for a reason: it works. If you’re not ready to invest money in this, thankfully there’s a small travel size available that won’t break the bank. Not as good as the Kiehl’s serum, but a good alternative, this moisutrises the skin and gives it that cool girl glow. I love mixing this with a moisturising cream and slathering it all over my face and neck. The key ingredient is maracuja oil, and the other ingredient is tocepherol (vitamin E).

Face mask

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Pac

Dead Sea Mud Pac

I’ve raved about this before and if you haven’t tried this yet, you must! This 100% vegan brand makes a whole range of masks, but this is my favourite. Their charcoal mud mask is also good, but probably a bit harsh for those with normal or sensitive skin. The dead sea mask will clear up any congestion or pimples (not recommended for cystic acne), without over drying the skin.

The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask


This is the best product to use before you want to put your best face forward – it will hydrate the skin and get it glowing, giving you the perfect base to put make up on. The best part about gel masks is they’re easy to take off and they don’t dry the skin out. Main ingredient is, yep you guesed it, roses – rose essence and rose hip oil.

Honourable mentions

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater


I’ve been using this for years, and I find it funny it’s experiencing a renaissance thanks to this natural skincare trend. I love the smell of this, and it’s great for setting make up, hydrating skin, and when placed in the fridge, cooling your skin after a full day in the sun.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Another cult beauty product, this is not to be used in enclosed spaces! It has a very strong smell, which if anything is a testament to the quality of the product and ingredients which include bitter orange flower water and rosemary leaf oil. It does include alcohol and fragrance, however these are naturally derived and won’t harm your skin. It does wonders to perk up tired skin, and is a great way to freshen up decongested areas of the face.

Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar

Godiva shampoo bar

These shampoo bars are in the spotlight, thanks to their no-nonsense approach. I bought this while on holidays, as my hair had turned to straw and my scalp was flaky AF. I was sceptical at first, but after my first use I was converted. It’s so easy to use and does what it says. SLS is the first ingredient, however Lush states it’s a safe synthetic.

Have I missed any of your favourites? Let me know what I should try in the comments section!

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