Who am I?

A born and bred Pilbara Princess who is still trying to figure out I want in life. I think I’m almost there.

Things I love: books, shoes, beauty products (finding, purchasing and trying), fringe (bags, boots, coats, you name it!), leopard print, red velvet cupcakes, kimchi, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paris, crime shows, Amnesty International, ice cream (currently in love with Amorino) and the sound of the ocean.

Things I hate: lies, deception, smelly farts, artificial banana and spearmint flavours, soy milk in coffee (vom, literally), bogans who travel, spots/dots, people who don’t listen to your (correct) advice, bad coffee, long queues, bad drivers, ignorance and small-mindedness and feeling bloated.

I live to read and write – I swear I could do those things before anything else. I studied journalism and public relations (aspired to be the former, the latter was thrust upon me) but I realised after my first semester I did not want to be a journalist and I kinda liked public relations. However, I still dream of working for Vogue.

Travel is something I’ve been unintentionally doing since a kid. My mother’s family is from Singapore so from the age of one I’ve been travelling there every few years and I consider it my second home. It’s my favourite place to be – the minute I step off the plane and smell the humidity I feel at peace. Working in Port Hedland gave me the opportunity to travel to a lot of places in our big wide world and I love it so much that I want to live overseas!

I have just completed a volunteer assignment in Vientiane, Laos, and am back in sunny Port Hedland! 

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